Who is MATT AREND Timepieces:
We are a German / South African watch brand and also a distributor for selected watch brands.
In South Africa we are the official distributor of Jaragar, ESS and Forsinning watches.
Our own watch line will be launched in South Africa in the coming months.
Where are the watches made?
Hong Kong
Where is the movement coming from:
Japan and Hong Kong for most of the models.
Our higher end models have a Swiss movement.
Is there a warranty on the watch
Yes. 1 year on internal defects of the movement.

The warranty does not include the glass, the strap and the buckle as these are parts subject to daily wear and tear.

Any damage upon receipt of the watch must be brought to our attention within 7 days of receipt.
Is there a battery in the watch?
No, unless it is a quartz model.
Most of our models are 100% mechanical automatic watches.
The movement has a manual winding option by turning the crown repeatedly or simply by wearing the watch and moving it.
 My watch stops after a while and doesn’t seem to work:
Use the self winding mechanism and turn the crown on the right hand side of the watch upwards repeatedly. The watch will start running. Stop winding the watch when you feel that the crown is a bit harder to turn.
Alternatively, wear the watch, the movement will wind itself up then.
How do i adjust the various complications (Functions) on the watch?
Time: Pull out the crown 2 clicks, then turn to adjust time.
Date: Press the upper right hand button on the watch until the date is correct
ATTENTION: On some models, the date goes beyond 31, in that case simply press the date button 8/9 times until you are at the 01 date again.
Month: Press the lower right hand button on the watch to adjust the month
Weekday: Press the left lower integrated button on the watch with a sharp object to adjust for weekdays
Can i have a leather strap in another colour?
Yes we can interchange the strap colour between brown and black
Can the stainless steel armband be adjusted?
Yes we can adjust the length of the steel wristband by taking elements out or adding some.
If i have a problem with the watch, what do I do?
Call 076 5431475 to register your claim or send an email to info@mattarend.com with the details.
We will contact you to resolve the matter expeditiously.
Are the watches waterproof?
Unless otherwise specified for the particular model, NO.
They are splash proof but not waterproof.
We can not warranty against water damage.
I want to resell MATT AREND watches, what is the process?
Please email us info@mattarend.com with your intention to be registered as a re-seller.
You will be provided with a catalogue and pricing spreadsheet as well as re-seller code.
Use this code to place orders for your customers on our website.
That way we know which re-seller placed the order and can transfer commissions accordingly.
Full details of the program available on request.
Can i pick up the watch locally or can i only purchase online?
We have local pick up locations in Cape Town and Johannesburg at the premises of Bowline
Logistics PTY.
Please call 076 5431475 for details of the pick up location.
How do i pay for MATT AREND watches?
We accept EFT, Cash Deposit, Credit Card or Cash.
How are MATT AREND watches delivered to me?
By Courier Door to Door.
Our drivers will bring the watch to your doorstep within 1-2 days after receipt of payment.
Are all the models always in stock?
About 95 percent of our models are always in stock.
Should we have sold out on a model, you can back-order and usually within 10 days we will have the model here ready to be shipped to you.
Thank you for being our trusted customer!